Sharing Skills, Enhancing Career 

On April 23, 2016

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Mr. Te Lay
Chief Education & HR Officer
Mr. Soeung Sopha
Academic Manager

Professional Development Workshop is created based upon the notion that English Language Teaching (ELT) is a rapidly evolving field. Due to such an interesting nature, the English Program needs to constantly develop its teachers to meet the changing nature of the field. The Professional Development Workshop therefore aims at providing a venue for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information on good practices within English Language Teaching (ELT). It also serves to strengthen and broaden the relationships among the teachers of English in WEG. This year’s PDW aims to provide ICT concepts for teachers working in WEG.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the new concepts of language teaching by integrating the foundation tools of ICT. With these new concepts, the Professional Development Workshop of this academic year aims to enhance using of ICT in daily classroom teaching.

This PDW is conducted by Education Department associated with the Westline Schools and the Northline School and Apple Tree International School. Staff and Teachers who are working in English Kindergarten & Young Learner Program and Adult English Program are the participants of this forum. This PDW is created to offer some idea to teachers on “ICT Integration in Language Teaching: ICT& Assessment”

After participating in this forum, participants will:

  • Gain better experience in language teaching to increase student-teacher participation.
  • Exposes to different teaching techniques by including the concepts of ICT.
  • Employ project and task for their students by encouraging them to use ICT.

Westline Education Group Co., Ltd organized this event in the purpose to provide opportunity to teachers in the English teaching field to share experience and techniques, and to update its teaching staff to the new trend of language teaching. With this workshop, they will gain more knowledge and experience in both educational theories and practice.

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