WEG Education Conference: “Why Education Matters?” – January 14, 2017

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9 speakers from The United States, China, Singapore, Malaysia, The Phillippines, Thailand, and Cambodia, have come together to share their experience on education system in their countries in a conference titled “Why education matters?”, organized at ITC conference hall last weekend by Westline Education Group.

The speakers shared many different topics such as

  • The use of 7 habits in life
  • What does Singapore get from Education?
  • Education and Personal Development
  • Malaysia and New Focus in Education
  • Education Innovation in China
  • New Dimension of Education in Thailand
  • Why do we invest in Education and Training?
  • Important of TVET in Career Development

Mr. Pech Bolene, Chairman and CEO of Westline Education Group, said:

“This conference is organized in the interest of sharing the important of Education to the development of a country, to the future of our children, and to the happiness of a family.”

“Additionally, this conference is a platform where the other oversea experts can share what Education contributed to the development of their countries”; He added.

During the event, HE. Im Koch, General Secreteriat of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and also one of our speakers, said that it was very exciting of WEG to organize such event which bring the public and private educational institutions closer in order to get them to understand the education more and to enhance their soft skills to become very skillful leaders for the future.

In addition, the conference itself lasted the entire day at ITC’s conference hall and counted around 2 thousand participants. There are also 30 companies participating in the event to showcase their products as well as to recruit new talented people.