Westline Education Group agreed to provide subsidize Franklin Covey license program “The Leader in Me” to Samdach Preah Maha Sangaraja BOUR KRY High School – August 28, 2017

PicWestline Education Group (WEG), through Educational Development Institute (EDI) who has been providing consultancy and training to private schools and other institution, signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Samdach Preah Maha Sangaraja BOUR KRY High School and agreed to provide subsidize Franklin Covey license program “The Leader in Me” to the school. This program is brought to Cambodia from the US exclusively by WEG.

Mr. Pech Bolene, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WEG, highlighted that since the inception of Westline Education Group Co., Ltd (WEG) in 2008, one of WEG commitment is for staffs and students to contribute back to the society through various corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. One of the Key CSR activity is to provide quality education program to the less privilege children. The objective is to have more children benefited from the good education program so as to create a positive impact to the society and a leader that are responsible.

He also added that Franklin Covey was founded by the late Stephen Covey and author of the famous “7 Habits of Highly effective people”. He and his team started The Leader in Me (TLIM) program more than a decade ago to ensure our children are ready for the 21st Century workforce. TLIM program provide a total school and student transformation process that involve students, parents, teacher and staffs.

The TLIM process is written by educator for education that integrated 7 habits of highly effective people into the program. It involves a process called “SEE – DO – GET” model. See which means a paradigm shift aka, looking at thing differently, Do – Practice it to be effective and Get is the result of practice.

Some of the paradigm view’ of TLIM

1. everyone can be a leader,

2. changes start from me,

3. everyone is genius,

4. Educator empower student to lead the own learning and

5. Develop the whole man.