Graduation Ceremony 2016-2017 – July 30, 2017

IMG_9564 for WebsiteOn the 29th of July, 2017, Westline School and Northline School organized the graduation ceremony to award in total 1928 students having successfully finished their academic year 2016–2017. This graduation ceremony is divided into 2 parts. The first one is dedicated to the 917 Kindergarten students (488 female students) in both Khmer and English program. The second part is devoted Khmer Academic Program and Part-time English Program. There were totally 1012 students (488 female students).

Mr. Te Lay, Chief Education and Human Resource Officer of WEG, said that the new academic year would start off on the 1st of August, 2017 and in the new academic year curriculum, our students will experience extra-curricular programs as following.

  1. MoneyTree Financial Literacy which is helping students manage their money and asset efficiently and protecting them from materialism of the modern society.
  2. The Leader in Me which offers the definition of the 7 habits for highly effective people. This program leads helps students enhance their critical thinking, communication, problem-solving skill, creativity, cooperation, teamwork, morality, and leadership.

These two programs is providing all necessary support to our students to gain the 21st-century life skills which are crucial in their work performance both today and for the future.