Mount View Primary School students in an exchange program in Cambodia with Westline School students – September 23, 2017

10 Australian elementary students have joined a 3-week exchange program with Westline students for the purpose of experiencing Cambodian culture, traditions and daily life, and strengthening the school-to-school relation.

Under the cooperation between Mount View Primary School from Australia and Westline School, the exchange program between the two schools’ students has been possible. This exchange program also includes homestay in which the students experience the culture, leadership, studying process, and daily life with family and local community of each other’s home country, enhance their linguistic skill, and tighten the relationship with oversea students. Furthermore, Westline School organized a meet-up with Cambodian parents and a trip to Cambodia’s historical sites and resorts to show the beauty of our culture and landscapes. This exchange program lasts three weeks from September 23 to October 12.

Mr. Kong Samneang, Chief Operation Officer of Westline Education Group, said that this program was organized to provide a chance to students to learn more about each other’s culture and routine, to enhance their skills, to gain self-confidence, and to have a closer relationship.

He also added that Westline Education Group will organize more events with schools in Asia and Europe such as Camping and Exchange program, so that students will be able to learn about the various cultures of other countries and widen their knowledge.

It is to be noticed that 10 Westline students had experienced the same program for 3 weeks in Australia back in Avril this year.

Westline Education Group has cooperated with numerous schools in Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and the United States in order to send our students out for camping, exchange program, and many other events, so that the students can practice their Enflish, experience teamwork oversea, learn more about foreign cultures from each other, and get closer relations.