The Leader-in-Me Symposium 2018

H. E. Yuk Nguy, Secretary of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, stated that the education for the 21st century would be developed in all aspects in terms of both skills and knowledge and that many new jobs will be created and some will no longer exist.

In the Leader-in-Me symposium, he added that, consequently, the continuous education from Kindergarten to Higher Education must be correctly planned in order to respond to the challenging future job market. He also highlighted that Education must not only be focused on hard skills, they also need soft skills which improve their attitude, behavior, communication and teamwork.

Mr. Pech Bolene, CEO of Westline Education Group, stated that we might know who will be the leader of the country in the future but, as educators, we have to provide high-quality education to our kids and youth so that they will become leaders. He also said the Leader-in-Me symposium “Rethinking Education for the 21st Century” was organized in order to provide an opportunity to both Cambodian public and private schools to understand the evolving curriculum adapted to the future jobs.

He added that because of the importance of the behavior development, Westline Education Group decided to bring the 7 Habits from Franklin Covey Education United States into the Westline and Northline schools’ curriculum. Six speakers from Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and the United States have come together and shared knowledge and skills for the 21st century, which inspired and motivated all the schools using the Leader-in-Me to achieve success.

It is important to notice that the Leader-in-Me is a process of practicing the 7 Habits in the school’s curriculum, which help children and teens forge positive mindset and behavior. The Leader-in-Me is actually present in around 3000 schools, 2000 in the United States and 1000 in the other countries around the world including Cambodia.

For the first time, Educational Development Institute organized an international conference attended by 16 countries, including Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, South Korea, Guam, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and the US, totally more than 400 participants. We do hope that it has brought new knowledge and ideas on education and the evolving world; thus, we will be able to help our new generations develop their knowledge and skills in order to get well prepared for what the 21st century will bring.