The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Employees

7 Habits for Highly Effective Employees

The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Employees are the steps towards success in business or profession.

Those Habits are: 1. Be proactive, 2. Planning skill, 3. Organization skill (Set priorities), 4. Think win-win for mutual benefits, 5. Communication skill, 6. Cooperate for better mutual benefits, 7. Keep developing oneself.

For the purpose of sharing this knowledge and experience to students, parents, employees, and public, Westline Education Group organized this seminar about “The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Employees” on the 29th of December, 2018, at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

Mr. Pech Bolen, Chief Executive Officer of Westline Education Group, highlighted that this was one of our 4 seminars for parents and business partners. The seminar about “The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Employees” was designed to provide knowledge and skills to the parents, employees in both private and public sector, and business owners to develop their skill set and businesses. The other 3 seminars will focus on “7 Habits for Happy Families”, “Business set up”, and “Business Development”.

Mr. Pech Bolen also said, “Sometimes we have the skills but do not have the right habits, some people want to create the good habits but do not know how; this seminar would help them do so.

He also pointed out all the habits – Habit 1. Be proactive and in charge of oneself, Habit 2. Make plans, Habit 3. Set the priorities, Habit 4. Think win-win for mutual benefits, Habit 5. Understand others first then be understood, Habit 6. Establish communication with others, Habit 7. Develop one’s whole person. Westline Education Group has implemented the 7 habits in the Westline Schools and the Northline School in order to develop the leadership in the students and their families. Until now, many schools have also been using the 7 Habits, such as ASEAN International School (Phnom Penh), New Town International School (Kampong Speu), Punleu Vichea International School (Kampong Cham), USA International School (Battambong, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh), Elegant International School (Poi Pet), and many other schools are keen to purchase the 7 Habits license from Westline Education Group which the FranklinCovey’s official partner in Cambodia.

Mr. Bolen also said that Westline Education Group would keep seeking cooperation and investment with other educational institutes, national and international investors, in order to assist the government in the development in quality of Education and human resource in Cambodia. Our objective is to create more institutes of foreign languages for businesses and professional communications, schools for vocational trainings, and medium and small business development institutes.