Business Partners

AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC has been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships & volunteer experiences for over 65 years, developing a global learning environment across 124 countries & territories. AIESEC Cambodia has been in the country since 2009 to contribute to our society by equipping youth with leadership through volunteer and professional internship and leadership programmes.
JCI Cambodia was recognized by the government of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2010, with only one local Chapter in Phnom Penh and more than 120 members.After two years of working behind the scene to establish JCI Cambodia, we have made several achievements with the collaborations from many young business professionals in Cambobodia. These included training programs, charity, fund raising, JCI Cambodia campaign among Cambodia young professionals, business networking events, and many other drafts and proposals to get JCI Cambodia recognized in the international stage. We hope that the new leadership of JCI Cambodia, which is currently under Mr. CHY SILA’s term, led JCI Cambodia to gain National Organization Membership status at the JCI World Congress in OSAKA, Japan, on 6th Nov 2010.
CiC – provide investment platform for Cambodian Entrepreneurs in order to assist them to access to finance and develop their business more sustainable. It’s liked a door for investment opportunity for both investors who want to mobilize their resources to invest and entrepreneurs who want to find good partner for their business growth. Members are committed to help each other for the business growth in terms of finance, management, reputation, and so on. We are liked self-help business community.
Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC) is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization whose mandate is to support young entrepreneurs.Launched in September 2009 by a team of passionate Cambodian young entrepreneurs from various sectors of businesses in Cambodia, the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC) was established as a volunteer-driven non-profit organization whose mandate is to empower young entrepreneurs of Cambodia to enhance youth entrepreneurship and success of youth-owned businesses by creating a platform for networking, sharing, learning, and synergizing business opportunities, thereby contributing to productive employments and economic development that build the next generation economy for Cambodia.
Cambodian Higher Education Association (CHEA) was officially founded on June 29, 2004 with the approval Announcement No. 490 of the Ministry of Interior of the Royal Government of Cambodia. CHEA is a non-governmental body which deals with the private higher education institutions.
In Cambodia, women consist of 52% of the total population and 70% of them are in labor force. Women involve in the self-employed or unpaid employment accounting for 79% or 82%, respectively (ADB, 2008). The majority of women entrepreneurs involve in the micro-business and informal sector where policies and regulations fail to protect. Although the majority of Cambodian women are prevalent in the business sectors; however, they face many problems which are even more than problems faced by men entrepreneurs in starting and expanding business in Cambodia because of the culture norms and lack of the access to education and market information.