Sponsorship & Donation

  1. Donation for Flood VictimCulture of sharing is always in the heart of students, parents, staff, school principals, and management team. We love to share what we have, time, money, God-given talent, including leadership.Charity donation from students’ parents, and students of the Westline School and Northline School had been offered to flood victims to lighten and lessen their difficulties and to meet their needs. We keep up contributing to the development of Cambodia.
  2. Donation for New Day OrganizationNew Day Organization is one of WEG’s development partners. This organization has send its students to study in the Northline School.We responded to meet the need of ND as its organization requested individual chair and table for its students, so it is easier to move them around as required. The Northline School offered 30 chairs to ND with other study materials.
  3. Fun Run Donation for PSEOn 10/12/12 A FunRun project which was organized by PSE and sponsored by Maruhan Japan bank and other companies, NGOs including WEG were successful. Sister Pettorino Sveyva, fundraising Officer of Pour un Sourire d’Enfant said to me while I took a visit there, “We are very excited to be with you. We really need you to help our children“.As a matter of fact, Westline Education Group always be a part of Cambodian society to ensure peace, happiness, and harmony with the education sector to contribute to the development of Cambodia. We have a very great opportunity to bring a package of the generous fund of the Westline and Northline school for PSE to continually support PSE’s vision and mission.