Social Works

Under the initiation and guideline of Board of Directors and Shareholders of WESTLINE EDUCATION GROUP, social work is a priority and sharp activity to cooperate with the government, NGOs, business partners to lessen difficulty in the community.We are the private school which its social work program reflects an active involvement with humanity to bring mental happiness and harmony through sharing culture (art) which is a very good example for the next generation, especially for the students who study at the Westline school and the Northline school.It is remarkable that the students who are learning at the Westline school and the Northline school are always delighted and actively take part in our humanity activities-going to visit and give donation to the community. All these initiatives are the keys to develop tomorrow’s leaders with high quality, virtue, humanitarian attitude, politeness and leadership.Without the assistance and involvement of the teachers, students, parents, NGOs, and other business partners, the projects we implement cannot be achieved. We have been working on some CSR projects such as:

  1. Promoting awareness on health and environment issues
  2. Promoting Living Value
  3. Promoting Road Safety
  4. Focusing on Rights and Responsibilities of Youth
  5. Promoting Gender Awareness

We organized this program in the spirit of providing extra help not only for the students in the Westline school and the Northline school, but also we offer extra help both emotional and physical assistance to the poor and needy community. In this regard, we strongly contribute to the development of educational sector in Cambodia.



These are some of our social work activities


Mobile Library & Body Cleaning Orientation


Painting School


Food Donation


Study Material and Chair Donation to New Day Organization

City Cleaning

City Cleaning

Mobile Library

Mobile Library