Code of Conduct



1. LEARNING: Life-long training and development, and stay informed to all environmental changes.

2. EFFECTIVENESS: Achieving results.

3. ATTITUDE: Positive, Confident, Motivated, Emotionally Intelligent.

4. DIFFERENTIATION: Think and try doing something new from others.

5. EFFICIENCY: Spend less resources to achieve a task.

6. RESPONSIBILITY: Do not just say YES or NO. Honor your words. Accept constructive criticism. Do not blame others. Keep developing yourself.

7. SINGLE-MINDNEDNESS: Strengths of will and determination to achieve something and focus.

8. HONESTY: Know your strengths and your development areas; admit your mistakes. Do your best.

9. INITIATIVE: Always come with new ideas, new inventions, and solutions to challenges. Seek shared growth.

10. PROACTIVE BEHAVIOR: Think ahead, make things happen, not just react to a situation.