Community Service


Social work is one of the most important activities in the Westline and Northline School. We have established the social work program since 2008 in order to have the children and youth see the reality in the Cambodian society. Educating children and youth is the most important and urgent task for Cambodia’s sustainable development. In fact, when they fully understand these social involvements, they will raise awareness about these social issues. Moreover, we organize this program to provide extra help to the children and youth in order to bring a bright future for them. Social work activities mainly focus on promoting health and environment education, assisting the poor and the needy, raising awareness on road safety to cuff of the road crash, and upholding awareness on the importance of reading books in the community. In this regard, without the assistance and involvement of the school management level, students’ parents, teachers and students in the Westline School and Northline School, all projects we’d been implementing could not be achieved successfully. Furthermore, we also build relationship of trust and ask for help both fund and technical assistance from various local organizations, companies and non-governmental organizations such as JCI, Handicap International, CHEMS, Passerelles Numérique, AIP, River Kids, Mary Noll, Sok Sabay Association, PSE, COLT, Damnak Thom 2 Village, Anakot Thmey, and  government ministries to sustainable development in the field of education. I would like to extend my gratitude and many thanks to you that you spend your own time, money, talent and technical support. I totally believe that together we can. I am proud of being part of making positive change in Cambodia.