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The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Educators Conference

  • 11 Apr 2019
  • Sokha Holtel, Phnum Penh (en)

12 entrepreneurs with different areas of expertise have come together to share their knowledge and experience to teachers, parents, and university students on how to develop and to ready our next generation of leaders to respond to the needs in each industry and to face the future challenges.

This session was shared in the 7 Habits for Highly Effective Educators conference on the 6th of April, 2019.

Mr. Pech Bolen, Chief Executive Officer of Westline Education Group, highlighted that this conference has been organized to provide a platform to these famous entrepreneurs to share experience, that they have acquired so far along their journey in trading, real estate, education, information technology, and food & beverage, to teachers and parents so that they can see how each industry has been changing over time.

He mentioned that this conference was intended to bring ideas to educators on how adjust their teaching content and methodology in order to match the young generation’s abilities with the entrepreneurs’ requirements, and also to provide tips to students to respond to the future job market and businesses.

Mr. Bolen also continued that this conference would tighten the loose relation between industry and education and help educators understand further what the employers actually need then reorient their teaching direction to fit.

Furthermore, he pointed out all the 7 habits – Habit 1. Be proactive and in charge of oneself, Habit 2. Make plans, Habit 3. Set the priorities, Habit 4. Think win-win for mutual benefits, Habit 5. Understand others first then be understood, Habit 6. Establish communication with others, Habit 7. Develop one’s whole person – that are considered as steps toward success in either one’s profession or business. The Westline Schools and school-partners have been implementing these habits in order to develop the leadership in the students and their families.