1. Dental Health Day
    Dental health is one of the public health problems in Cambodia. All parents draw close attention to maintain good health in the family. The Westline School and The Northline School organize dental educational workshop with the dental check up every academic year.
  2. Road Safety
    Public Discussion on “Motorcycle Passenger Helmet Uses” was co-sponsored by WEG and AIP. High-ranking officials of the Royal Government, Country Director of AIP, WEG’s management team, Branch Principals, students from the Westline School and Northline School and students from NGOs about 400 participated in this event. Mr. Kim Panha, AIP Country Director stated that helmet is the vaccination of life. Everybody must wear helmet. He also emphasized that the traffic accident had lost the national budget about 329 million dollars. His Excellency Chan Kimseng addressed that in the period of 9 months in 2013 comparing to the same period in 2012, the traffic accident has gradually increased. One of the four factors is human being’s factor that caused the most road crash because of overspeed, driving with alcoholic substances, and violating the traffic law, he continued.
  3. High School Orientation
    Providing high school student orientation to be consistent with the right career development and university selection is very fundamental; Therefore, The Westline School and The Northline School have put the High School Student Orientation into its annual agenda. This educational workshop is very helpful and fruitful for high school diploma students who finished their study and they do not know how to select university and career development in the right way. Mr. Pech Bolene, WEG’s Chief Executive Officer addressed that you need to enhance your capability to become a strong human resource with leadership and to be smart in making decision and setting goals. Don’t make you yourself to be part of a problem in the society especially traffic violation and so forth.
  4. Companies – NGOs Gathering
    We wish to see the positive changes in Cambodia. We love Cambodia. In short, small social work activities are very helpful. Start doing good things today will definitely show the best results by tomorrow. Small social work activities should definitely be done by companies and non-government organizations. Why are some of sharing smile, talents, times and personal resources important for Cambodia society? It is a question we could ask ourselves and start doing together to assist Cambodia society. There are so many small social work activities that could not been avoided. We can be an example by sharing our love, care for those who are vulnerable, the poor and the needy.