Youth Community Involvement


I. Introduction

Child and Youth Development Program are a non-political, and non-religion oriented, an initiative of the Educational Development Institute, implemented by The Westline Schools and The Northline School. We organize this program to provide extra help to the children and youth in order to bring a bright future for them. We really want the children and adolescents to see the reality in the society.

II. Project Background

  • Educating children and youth is the most important and urgent task for Cambodia’s sustainable development; yet, most parents, teachers, and educators have not paid enough attention to quality education for these dear ones. We have seen more and more juvenile delinquency, we have seen more and more double-income families, we have heard more and more teachers worrying about their family’s economics more than students’ knowledge, but we have noticed very few actions to raise the awareness about these social issues.
  • Vision: All Cambodian children and youth will enjoy a happy life through a happy family, quality education and a bright future.
  • Mission: CYD will achieve this vision by fulfilling 4 important missions:
    1. Child and Youth Development Program
    2. Parent Education Program
    3. Education Development Program
    4. Youth Community Involvement
  • Objectives: CYD attempts to ensure that all children and adolescents will:
    1. be properly nurtured and developed;
    2. enjoy happy home;
    3. receive the best care and quality education;
    4. display leadership initiatives and good social attitude;